Joint Task Force Operations

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What Is It?

Joint gaming events held by Off Duty Gamers and Legion of Honor

Who IS eligible to join?

If you own the specified game for the PC or Xbox 360 you are eligible to join (with PS3 availability if needed). You must be in good standing (i.e. no bans, etc.), and ready to have a good time while still playing in a tactical environment.

The Rules

  • Always PTFO. That means Play The F***in Objective. Instead of feeding that urge to go John Rambo on the enemy spawn, plant that demo charge or cap that position!
  • Blue Falcons will be handed out to those that prove themselves to be true bravo foxtrots during the event.
  • Spread the word and raise awareness. Not so much a rule as just a good idea.
  • Have fun.

How Do I Link Up?

Points of Contact: There are two courses of action to do so:

1. Send a message via the proper service to the following

Xbox 360

Off Duty Gamers – Checkmate11B

Legion of Honor LoH Vader or the designated assigned individual


Off Duty Gamers Lunch_Meat


2.  On the forums

The event will likely last three or more hours and we will likely play a mix of objective based game modes. In the event that we have more than can be handled by a standard game type squad we will split and form a new squad for more to join.

*Image and Information courtesy of Off Duty Gamers


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