The World of Minecraft – Legion of Honor Style

LoH Dog Patch, other Legion members and friends came together to give their own personal flare to building a very special map within the world of Minecraft.

The world is finally done and we couldn’t of done it without the 21 people that came in and helped out, a majority of them being LoH members.

A link will be saved so that everyone in LoH may play on this map, thanks to all those who helped as this project was months in the making.

– LoH Dog Patch

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Legion Map Builders:

LoH Dog Patch : City Planner, Head Architect, Head Builder
Zodiac Killer49: Head Engineer, Lead Architect, Lead Builder
LoH Kinky Rapta: Lead Builder, Engineer, Hazard builder
Shizzle411: Head R&D, Lead Engineer, Lead Builder
Dalo Drake: Head fortifier, Lava Mechanic, Lead Builder
LoH Impulsive (rentalv2): Lead Builder
Divine Brawler: Builder
Velkro: Builder
SgMclain: Builder
Grumpy Skopez: Builder
GRANTV54: Builder
F0Rg0Tten 0n3: Builder
Stevie boi ENG: Builder
Steven x 96: Builder
MusicManxD: Builder
Mexgummybear: Builder
Shogun Ruler: Builder
Xx3am0nnxX: Builder
JohnsonPTD: Builder
LoH xHARBINGERx: Builder
Blind Fire v25: Builder



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One Response to “The World of Minecraft – Legion of Honor Style”

  1. Good job all.

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