Review: Call of Duty Elite

Written by Special Bear

We’re almost a full year into Call of Duty Elite. At this point there will be no more surprises until Black Ops 2 releases. So has Elite lived up to the hype and provided its users with a superior experience?

Elite For Free

The free version of Elite brings its users loads of stats and information that can be useful in helping players if used correctly. For instance, heat maps can assist you in identifying areas where you die repeatedly, alerting you to avoid those areas.

Or, detailed weapon statistics can help you decide which gun works best for you. Maybe you are better with some guns than you thought. I know I was surprised by some of the guns on top of this board.

The web page also offers specific information on all of the primary and secondary weapons, proficiencies, attachments, equipment, killstreaks and maps. This information could be useful to some, but in reality, there’s no better way to gain experience and knowledge than to actually play the game.

The “Connect” portion allows the user to view stats from their friends and random players. Comparing your stats with your friend’s is a great way to earn some bragging rights. Also, you can join different groups and see where you stack up against people with similar interests. For instance, I’m a member of “Subaru STi” and “Metal Fans”. Lastly, if you like when your Facebook friends know every thing you’re doing, you might enjoy linking you Facebook page to your Elite account.

With the “Compete” tab the user can sign up for weekly challenges for things like most headshots, most kills, or highest score. Prizes are given out to the winners which range wildly from trips to Paris, or maybe just a gaming headset.

If you are into statistics, the free version of Cod: Elite may be very valuable to you.  You can arm yourself with a more in depth knowledge of the game, and your own skills which may translate to better numbers in-game.

Elite Premium

Elite Premium awards paying users with early access to downloadable content at no extra charge after the subscription is paid. Also, Premium users can join an Elite Clan, where they can participate in Clan Ops, and level up as a group.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot about Elite TV. Probably because also like most of you, I never watch it. Admittedly there are some useful videos located here, like map and weapon guides. However, in the months after release when I was actually using elite these types of videos were not available.

Elite Premium is where things get shady for me. Be warned, my opinion on Elite is based almost entirely on the value of the product in dollars. It doesn’t matter to me how awesome it may or not be. All that matters is whether it’s worth the money I paid for it. Yes, I’m cheap.

Downloadable Content

Alright, this is what you came for right? After all, DLC is the most important part of Elite. Elite is worth the money for DLC alone if you fully enjoy the new content that is added. Elite members get access to new multiplayer maps, and Spec Ops Missions at a lower price than players who buy all of the content from the marketplace without Elite.

This is where the problem comes in for me. I really dislike playing the DLC MP maps. I hated them in MW2 and BO, and I figured I would in MW3 also.  So I don’t play them, which leaves me having paid for a feature that I hate to use.

So at this point with the DLC left unplayed, what exactly have I paid for? Well, I do enjoy the Spec Ops missions, and I have taken advantage of the Elite Clan feature. Essentially I paid $60 for a few new Spec Ops missions and a yellow clan tag.

The Bottom Line

Elite is a great deal for some people, just not for me. As I said, If you enjoy all of the content offered through Elite, definitely take advantage of the deal. If not, save your money. Being a member of Elite doesn’t make your K/D any better, or make you better at Call of Duty.


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