Medal of Honor: Warfighter Gamescom Multiplayer Analysis

Written by Team Brannen

“Global Fire-Teams” seems to be the calling card for the upcoming iteration of Medal of Honor.

True to form, the videos that came out of Gamescom have covered the options for players to choose from when selecting classes. In an effort to differentiate the Medal of Honor franchise from other modern first person shooters currently on the market EA has decided to enlist the likenesses of several elite military operators around the globe. I think the choice has paid off. In stark contrast to the bland multiplayer offered in the previous game, it seems that more focus has gone into a solid multiplayer offering this time around as evidenced by the inclusion of the Frostbite engine. Watching the videos there are polished environments and smooth motions which we have come to expect from the AAA releases.

What I’m curious about is the two-man fire-teams that appear to be a central mechanic in the known game modes, in the multiplayer trailers there are obvious benefits to sticking with your assigned buddy but they are in no way forced to interact. It looked like maintaining proximity to the fire-team members leads to more XP and there was also a quick pop-up ability to re-supply one another so staying with a teammate would be advantageous. There was also a buddy spawn option in which one player has to be in cover for the other to respawn on his location which emphasizes teamwork to have effective respawns. Each player gets to choose a class and then a special operations outfit within that class which adds a certain amount of character to each class, for the “Heavy Hitter” class there is a choice between the Swedish SOG and the Australian SAS-R and they both come equipped with different weapons. In the trailer there are quite a few options as I witnessed the flags of Germany, Canada, UK, US, Russia, and quite a few others meaning there will be plenty of customization options to fit the needs of the player.

The score chain from the previous Medal of Honor returns which allowed for a player who is doing well to choose between offensive and defensive abilities, for instance a player could choose to enhance his own weapon with FMJ rounds or provide a health bonus to nearby teammates. Drones and artillery are definitely options and there was also the ability to call in smoke rounds to cover an area but the full arsenal of streaks has yet to be revealed.

The announced features have been a breath of fresh air following the somewhat disappointing cookie-cutter multiplayer offered in the previous game.  It looks like there will be quite a few customization options to keep everyone happy when Medal of Honor: Warfighter releases on October 23rd.

SOURCE – Machinima


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