Review: Modern Warfare 3 Chaos Pack DLC

Written by AlphaSilverfang

Available for both Elite members and the general public for download on Xbox Live is the newest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 downloadable content “Chaos Pack”. Gamers are introduced to a brand new Special Ops Chaos Mode, three new Face Off maps and four new Special Ops Missions.

This month’s content drop has brought an interesting light to what has come prior to it. Here is a breakdown of what to expect in the DLC.

Chaos Mode

How long can you survive?

My first impressions of the new game mode leave me with an arcade-style feel to it due to the insanity of ALL waves of enemies coming towards you at once not just in waves like it does with survival mode, a lot of hectic gameplay going on especially with the
juggernauts but also a lot of fun.

The new mode features the maps Resistance, Village, Dome and Underground.

Special Ops Missions

Light ‘EM UP

The Special Ops missions take a bit of a different turn than that of Chaos Mode. In the mission Light ‘EM UP a VIP has been captured and detained within Makarov’s castle, and it’s up to you to breach the fortress and get him out.

Mission: Take control of a small helicopter, secure the hostage, and evacuate before dawn’s first light.

As a small teaser: once you are in the chopper with the M320 GLM you shift to ground movement to push forward your mission.

Special Delivery

Deep behind enemy lines, an allied flight crew helplessly awaits their fate at a nearby crash site. Pairing up a soldier on the ground and a helicopter gunner equipped with care packages, the Special Ops mission objective is to overcome the enemy resistance and rescue the allied crew.

At the first of the mission, you will have the option to call in care packages from the Osprey above. Choose wisely when to throw that package marker as the packages are limited in number and as you get deeper into the mission, you will need all the help you
can get. The newest content release has a little something for everyone. With the addition of a new game mode, it takes out the have to always have someone with you to survive that you sometimes find in just the spec ops missions. Still, you can bring a partner along and have them join in on the chaos quite easily. The spec ops missions can be a little rough especially with special delivery because you are dealing with juggernauts early on. Then facing them later on as well. All in all. It would be well worth the buy for anyone.

The newest addition is available for download free via Call of Duty Elite or may be purchased on Xbox Live for 1200 MS points ($14.99).

SOURCE – Call of Duty ELITE


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