Review: Battlefield 3 Close Quarters

Written by ro5sy

The latest available expansion pack from DICE and EA is the Close Quarters expansion, released completely for all gamers and platforms on June 26th, 2012. This new expansion pack was introduced amp up close quarters gameplay within Battlefield 3 to allow more variety to the players.

Featured within the expansion:

  • Fast and Relentless Infantry Combat
  • Four new maps: Ziba Tower, Operation 925, Scrap Metal, Donya Fortress
  • Two new game modes
  • High Definition Destruction
  • 10 new weapons
  • 10 new assignments

Close Quarters offers the players an absolutely brilliant experience! If you’re a player just like me who loves quick pace, high intensity, and a lot of moving and flanking then this expansion pack is for you. The new maps and game modes offer that adrenaline rush needed and unleashes that inner urge in you to just destroy your enemy and win the objective.


Ziba Tower

Ziba Tower is set on the top floors of a luxury hotel; there are two floors of interiors which provide the three walls surrounding an outdoor pool area. There are a couple of long empty corridors — just long enough for you to start sprinting along then have an enemy come round the corner shoot you in the face before you can even aim down the sights of your gun.

Operation 925

Operation 925 is set in an office building which is probably where the operation name came from (working 9 2 5). You can easily take cover in between desks popping your head up just long enough to fire a clip into an enemy soldier who hasn’t taken cover. Most action takes place on the middle of the three floors with some people using the underground car park or upper floor.

Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal is set in two warehouses connected by two bridges with multiple levels and numerous nooks and crannies, head for the two connecting bridges as there’s some strategically placed obstacles that can be used in a firefight between you and an enemy

Donya Fortress

Donya Fortress is a beautiful map set in a huge mansion, with ongoing restoration projects on and under the ground floor. Again, much like the other maps always is expecting to run into an enemy especially on the inside as there’s plenty of sharp corners.

Game Modes:

The new game modes are both challenging and fun to play! Conquest domination is just like conquest but only in a much more confined area and no vehicles or aircraft.

Conquest Domination

Conquest Domination main focus is on the capture and control of the flag points and the important of staying alive.

Gun Master

Gun Master is a very challenging game mode and took me a few goes to get the idea down pat; however, it is a great way to have some fun with friends. All players are only allowed to use a single weapon at a time, each player starts off with a pistol and has to get kills in order to advance to the next level and when a new level is reached, a new gun is equipped. Dying does not cause you to lose your progress (unlike with the standard Gun Game), ammo is unlimited, but guns must be reloaded as usual. Specializations are not available in the Gun Master mode and weapon attachments cannot be changed. You are equipped with a knife at all times, but getting a kill will only advance your own rank if you are on the final level. Killing a player with the knife instead of your main weapon with demote them to the previous level.

  • Levels 1-15 require two kills each
  • Levels 16 and 17 (the M320 LVG and Knife) require one kill each

This is a team-based mode with players split between two sides; all teammates of the winning player are credited with a victory at the end of the match. You can earn points toward your next level, weapon unlocks, assignments, and ribbons/medals in the Gun Master mode. However, no points toward classes are given as you’re not allowed to select a class. Weapon progression is as follows: 3 pistols -> 2 PDW’s -> 2 shotguns -> 2 carbines -> 2 assault rifles -> 2 LMG’s -> 2 sniper rifles -> grenade launcher -> knife
All in all, there are 17 levels, the first player to complete the 17th level wins, ending the round.

All weapons have a assignment to complete before unlocking that weapon, some are very basic and easy to do but there are some challenging ones in there, I have yet to complete all of them myself.

Weapon Unlocks:

  • AUG Assault Rifle
  • SCAR Assault Rifle
  • ACW-R Carbine
  • MTAR-21 Carbine
  • M417 Sniper Rifle
  • JNG-90 Sniper Rifle
  • L86LSW Machine Gun
  • LSAT Machine Gun
  • MP5K Tactical Machine Pistol
  • SPAS-12 Shotgun

Class and Assignment Requirements:


Assignment: Sheapard
Unlocks: AUG A3
Requirements: 10 squad revives; 30 Assault Rifle Kills

Assignment: Set Us Up The Bomb
Unlocks: SCAR-L
Requirements: 20 Kills with the Underslung Grenade Launcher; 15 Kills with Hand Grenades


Assignment: Done Fixing
Unlocks: ACW-R
Requirements: 20 AT Rocket Kills; 30 Kills with Carbines

Assignment: My Own Terminator
Unlocks: MTAR-21
Requirements: Get a Kill with the EOD Bot; 100 Kills with Carbines


Assignment: No Shortage
Unlocks: L86A2
Requirements: 20 Squad Resupplies; 20 Kills with LMGs

Assignment: Point Blank
Unlocks: LSAT
Requirements: 10 Kills with C4; 10 Knife Takedowns


Assignment: Team Player
Unlocks: M417
Requirements: 10 T-UGS assists; Capture 20 Flags

Assignment: Bullet Point
Unlocks: JNG-90
Requirements: 50 Kills with Sniper Rifles; Win 3 Rounds of Conquest Domination

All Kits

Assignment: These Hurt Too
Unlocks: SPAS-12
Requirements: 20 Kills with Pistols; 20 Kills with Shotguns

Assignment: Hold the Trigger
Unlocks: M5K
Requirements: Finish in the Top 5 of Gun Master; 100 Kills with Submachine Guns

Love it or Hate it

After numerous hours of playing the new game modes and maps I came to the verdict that I LOVE it! The expansion pack does live up to its name and does offer a many hours of fun close quarter gameplay. I recommend it to anyone who loves infantry combat style game play, fast paced action and high intensity situation, adding in that you can get a tremendously massive score in a short period of time for anyone wanting to level up that bit faster. Overall Close Quarters is fantastic and completely worth the purchase!

Battlefield 3 Close Quarters is available for download on Xbox Live for 1200 MS ($14.99)

SOURCE – Battlefield Blog, and in-game play


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