Legion Spotlight: Nomad, A Small Glimpse

What is the Nomad Legion?

Nomad by definition is not an “established” legion (LoH uses the Roman military terms for our chain of command, we currently have 4 Legions within LoH) such as Call of Duty, Battlefield or Ghost Recon. The whole purpose of Nomad is to give games a chance to become their own legion and then turn them loose. When a game is given a chance to start out, it begins and maintains itself in Nomad using this period to build and recruit its structure. Once it meets set criteria, it then will move on to stand on its own.

What does it take to have a game become part of Nomad?

As each new game gets released, there is always interest. If there is enough interest by our members, for example enough to form a squad or two, a request can be made to have the game considered for inclusion into Nomad. Once it is submitted to the council, it will be put to a vote on whether to include it or not.

What happens when a game is moved to Nomad?

This is where it either is exciting or tedious depending on your point of view. Each member of that game holds a major responsibility to helping their game succeed. If the members don’t reach out to fellow players they meet in-game, then chances are the game will fail and not move any farther. The flip side of that is that if all the members are talking to other players, answering questions and representing LoH with honor, we grow. Once the game/groups reach a limit determined by the council, it would then be put up for a new vote. This is the vote that is major. The council would look at several things to determine whether the game can sustain itself as a legion.

What happens when a game moves from Nomad?

The time frame can vary depending on the number of members and the game. The Ghost Recon legion spent just a couple of months from the time the first member reported in until it became it’s own legion. This is where you get to see your hard work pay off. A CoC (chain of command) would be put together for the game (chances for promotion, you could end up a Chief or a Corporal leading a group or even Centurian or above). You would be standing on your own and making the Nomad Legate (Legate is the person in charge of a Legion) feel like his kids left home.

Okay, last part may be an exaggeration, at this point though; you will get to enjoy your hard work. The secret to success of any game wanting to come out of Nomad is really simple. It’s not the CoC or the Council. The secret is the members. Each legion succeeds, not because of the CoC but thru the hard work of our members. Granted, there is a lot that gets done at the CoC level but the basic success is due to each of our teammates who have taken an active interest in helping their game/legion succeed.

Now you know a little more about the Nomad legion. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me and I will include them in the next time I lose my mind err volunteer. Originally, my goal was to interview the Nomad Legate but after 5 minutes of talking to him, I realized he is really boring. Until next time…GAME ON!

LoH Dayylin
Nomad Legate


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