Call Of Duty Legion: Member Spotlight

Written by Special Bear

In this edition of Member Spotlight, we’ll be sitting down with Call of Duty Legion member Unborn Oblivion.

Unborn, as he’s known by his friends and squad mates, is currently the Group Leader of Napoleon(IA). Drawing from his experience as LoH Group Staff and TG Squad Staff, Unborn has assembled a squad that has risen to the top of the heap, proving themselves well equipped for battle time and time again. Its no stretch of the imagination to consider that without his expertise, Napoleon may not be as successful as they currently are.

I got the chance to talk with Unborn about LoH and Call of Duty.

How were you introduced to Legion of Honor (LoH)?

This question could be an interview in itself! I’ll try to give the quick version. For those in Legion of Honor that don’t know LoH was spawned from another gaming community known as Tactical Gaming (TG) or Tactical Warfare (TW) if you’ve been around a while.  Anyway, that’s where I met Ghetto Bear and Special Blend and we became pretty good friends.  I ended up taking charge of my own squad and after a while my friends followed, from there we ended up being the competition squad for Tactical Gaming.

I made lots of friends in TG… Jim, Medic, Diosa , Steel, Ike, and DB to name a few.  When they left TG they asked if my squad would be interested and we said yes.  From there Ghetto, Special and I were a part of Legion of Honor .

I’m pretty sure it was my birthday as a matter of fact, October 20th. Now a lot has happened since then but that’s the short story.

What does The Legion have, that other clans don’t?

I don’t know if being in 2 clans qualifies me to answer this question.  I guess I’d have to just say what I like about LoH and if anybody else out there has been in a clan besides LoH they’ll see the difference for themselves.  I like the structure because without it you just can’t make anything work.  But I like that it’s not too serious.  I have a life a job etc.  I don’t always time for my clan even though I make the time anyway, lol!  I’ve always liked meeting new people anyway. Obviously this is a good way to do that.  LoH has a lot of experience behind it also.  Jim and a lot of guys in the upper COC have been around the block a few times and know what they’re doing.  It’s not a bunch of fun and games running a online community like LoH.

By the way for those LoH members that don’t know our “Emperor” is pretty nice guy.

You’re a die-hard Call of Duty (CoD) player. Which one is your favorite?

Well I like Call of Duty 4 the best but that’s the one that got me hooked. I think everybody likes the one they started on. I’ve got like 140,000 kills on that game and if it wasn’t so hacked I’d still play it.  Then just all of them in descending order unfortunately:  World at War, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3.  Hopefully Black Ops 2 will break the trend. I hate to say it but this (MW3) is my least favorite. I think sometimes Infinity Ward or Treyarch just try too hard to make Call of Duty better. I think they see a complaint and if they see that same complaint a lot they decide to change it. Trust me, maybe you could get spawn trapped, but you’d make up your mind to hold it or flip it . Now, it seems like you can’t keep anyone in front of you. Now I’m the one complaining! I just think they had perfection. They could charge me 65 bucks for a map pack and I’d be buying it.

What is it that draws you to Call of Duty (CoD)?

This is a good question. I haven’t ever really thought about it before. I think the thing I like the most is the social aspect of it. Don’t get me wrong I love the guns and competition but I like meeting people really. It’s a place to meet interesting people from far away places from my living room. I know you could do that on any game but COD lobbies are the best for it. Plus my first video game was pong so playing games on Xbox is pretty amazing to me. I also just like trying to be good at it. It is a good challenge for me and I enjoy that about COD.

What is your favorite weapon from the Call of Duty (CoD) series, and why?

Easy. RPD!!!! Loved it on COD 4 and MW2. Why? Ultimate stopping power and its hard to run out of ammo. It was really accurate too you could snipe with it well. Besides, Ghetto Bear always needs suppressing fire. Those early games you could really get in some intense firefights. I’ve always been an LMG guy until MW3. The ones on MW3 aren’t as good as the earlier games. So I’ve kind of been converted to a ACR guy or any assault rifle for that matter. I’m holding out hope that I’ll have a good LMG in BO2 but for some reason I doubt it.

As you know Black Ops 2 will be releasing in a few months. If you were in charge of Treyarch for a day, what would do to improve the Call of Duty experience?

I have to say the only thing I think these games need to make them perfect are the spawns. I wanna get in a fistfight not a revenge kill. Just put us on opposite ends of a good size map and let us duke it out in the middle. If your team goes to far then it flips. Pretty simple. Then just keep doing what you’re doing as far as guns and perks go. Massive customization on the guns and massive amounts of perks. Also, PLAY IT FIRST!!!! It really bothers me when 2hrs into a new COD and I’ve ruled 2 perks “stupid” from the get go. I feel like they didn’t even play this thing. That’s why I’m encouraged that Treyarch is letting people see and play their game well before its release. I would love a beta but those seem like things of the past. I mean it takes a month to figure out what the best gun is so I know it takes a while to figure out the ins and outs of each weapon and perk.

Would you rather have Call of Duty (CoD) with no sniper rifles/quickscoping, or Call of Duty (CoD) without deathstreaks?

My interviewer knows me too well! Get your quickscopers out of here! I just feel that quickscoping is almost like a glitch. Not that I blame players for using it. I just always think you’re not really sniping, are you? I always thought you should be camping far away at some far corner of the map. I’m ok with people that camp by the way. I can’t stand it when some guy raises a .50 cal. and kills me instantly and on top of that the killcam shows he missed.I always thought maybe they could put players who wanted to snipe on their own part of the map. That way they could make them snipe but the shot would be difficult.

Deathstreaks don’t really bother me. I mean if a guy has died 5 times in a row you are probably dominating already. I mean if he goes 0-6 the player is probably going to leave anyway so I don’t know that it matters. I think there’s bigger problems with killstreaks than deathsreaks. That’s a whole other conversation though.

Treyarch or Infinity Ward?

I think BO2 is probably be the tiebreaker. Right now I’d have to go with IW but it’s close i think. Now that the original IW is gone it will be interesting to see what happens. I’m not a huge fan of what I’ve seen so far from Sledgehammer Studios. If BO2 is better than the original BO I think I’d have to give it to Treyarch. I’d like to see better hit detection also.

Take notes Treyarch!

Assault, Support or Specialist?

Depends on the company you keep. If you know you are gonna be one of the better players in the room I’d go Assault.

If I know I’m not the best player in the room, which happens a lot in Napoleon, I will run support. I can get a ton of of assists with a Recon Drone playing with guys that have a 2 or 3.0 k/d. Buy 3.0 I mean my fellow group mate Special Blend. The man is not human!!!

If you think you can get some kills and you are going to lone wolf it, I would go Specialist. I use it almost exclusively with a shotgun or sub-machine gun class. Run around and rack up the points!

Do you have a favorite title and emblem?

Only when we decide to run The Bloody hand emblem and Blood Brothers title when Napoleon is playing a match. Otherwise I don’t think any are that great.

Are you playing anything other than Call of Duty lately?

I’m playing Tropico 4 a lot lately. I enjoy some of the sim type games. I also like those in depth strategy games although I have no idea why. I just get hooked and can’t stop myself. I’m pretty much just waiting for BO2, I can’t wait for November. I’m hoping something good that I want to play comes out before that though. Once I’m done with Tropico 4 I’m back to MW3 and waiting again.

You are a big fan of movies, and music. If you could recommend one movie and one song to a friend, what would they be?

If its recommend and not my favorite I’d have to say Frailty. Everybody always likes it and it’s got an original ending. I won’t give it away in case someone actually watches it.

Song I would recommend is Time by Pink Floyd. It’s a good song but it has an important thing to say. If you don’t ever do what you want the next thing you know life is over. It goes by quick I tell ya. I was 18 yesterday and I’m 41 today. So do something with your life or you’ll end up in a factory. Hey wait, I work in a factory!

Anything new and exciting you would like to share?

Just recently spent some time “fishing” and I use the term loosely with Ghetto and Special up in Minnesota. We do it every year and I need a week to recover every time! We are hoping some more Legion of Doom members join us on our next “fishing trip”. I don’t know what state it will be in but if you’re invited we’ll let you know!

Unborn Oblivion is the best kind of person to have in a gaming clan. He possesses a completely unique blend of kindness, honesty, and silliness that combine to make a person that is easy to get along with. To dislike Unborn, would actually require a great deal of effort even from the most bitter of people. In all the time I’ve known him, I’ve never seen him clash with anyone.

What makes Unborn a great Group Leader, is that he respects his members. He doesn’t overburden them with homework, or do any impressions of R. Lee Ermey.

You know, this guy!

He plays Call of Duty with his members, learns their strengths and weaknesses and uses them accordingly when it comes time. In return, he gets nothing but the utmost loyalty and respect from his members.


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