Battlefield: Becoming a Better Squadmate

Written by Jake Monara

Today we’re going to get back to the basics, and then some advanced tactics to assist us all in becoming a better squad mate! So let’s jump right in!

Part One: Communication (Coms)

One of the most basic and important things you can learn and participate in Battlefield 3 is communication. Without this, teams crumble, and squads fall into dismay.

Now, I will take into account that most people reading this will most likely play in a server where microphones are scarce. The first thing you can do to be a better squad mate is be the person who uses his/her microphone. If possible, do this every game. If you don’t have a microphone, go to Wal-Mart and pick up a cheap one. It’s better than nothing. The reasoning behind using a microphone every game is, you will learn to be an overall better player. The chances that someone will pick up a microphone will be greatly increased because of your confidence to take charge, and sense of knowing what your doing.

Now that we’ve gotten the most basic part of communication out of the way, now we can get into a more in-depth look at how communication can make you a better player, and squad mate. First of all, learn basic commands. The most common commands are: Flank left, Flank right, Center push, Plant bomb, Attack A, (B, C, D, and E) flag. The most common statements for enemy movements are: Enemies moving right, Enemies moving left, Enemies moving center, Enemies on bomb, Enemy flanking, and enemy capping A,(B,C,D,E) flag.

Now onto the next topic, PTFO!

Part Two: Play the Objective (PTFO)

PTFO doesn’t just include MCOMS on squad rush and regular rush, it also includes flags on conquest game modes, and key buildings in team deathmatch.

If you are one of the few who do PTFO, then this section will go over things you will probably know. First of all, when following PTFO, you must first clear out all enemies present. If you fail to clear out enemies, then they will spawn on each other, and your back to step one. This is by far the hardest step in all of this. It requires precision timing, flanking, and teamwork. Once the area is clear, you can then do one of two things if the game is rush. Either plant the bomb, or take up defensive position. I’ll get back to conquest in a little. If you decide to plant, then plant and set up for the enemies push. Get into a strategic position, and do not lone wolf it! If you are down, call out to your team mates, “Hey, I’m down, enemy on…” Hold the objective until it blows, then push immediately to the second objective with your team. If you are an assault soldier, then head the attack. If you are any other class, stay towards the back of the attack. Continue this pattern until you have won the match.

Now, we move on to Conquest.

This is probably the hardest to explain, because the conquest maps vary so much. Keep in mind you can use these techniques on any map.

The first thing you want to do on any conquest map is go for the middle objectives. The reasoning for this is it is much easier to push out from the middle objectives that push in and crush defenses. Plus, you can easily capture the objective closest to your deployment by spawning at deployment, and taking the enemies by surprise. After you have the middle objective(s) captured, move on. As a squad mate, it’s your job to provide a mobile spawn for your team. They can spawn on the flag all they want, but you can move around, and provide a mobile spawn. Another key thing you can do in conquest is pick an objective that you want to keep out of enemy hands. Say you pick A, for example, you can then focus on that objective rather than the whole map, and it takes the strain of running back and forth from one objective out of the game.

This wraps up Part One of how to be a better squad mate in Battlefield 3. Stay tuned for Part Two, coming soon!


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